Pizzeria Taglio di Roma


Project: Interior design and planning

Location : Laval, Qc

Project area : 1300 pi.ca.

Year : 2015


The project of the pizzeria consisted of a complete refurbishment of a commercial space to install a pizza bar type restaurant similar to those in Rome. The atmosphere should be laid-back and friendly and reflect the freshness and simplicity of the product. With a tight budget, we opted for a sleek layout, enhanced by a few strong elements such as the large mural of the coliseum, the mosaic of red glass and the lights hanging on the large central table. The red color, present in the furniture and on some walls, has been selected to reflect both Italy ... and tomato, key ingredient in the pizza!

Our firm has been involved in the configuration of the layout, in the choice of materials and lighting, and in some furniture choices. We produced plans and technical details and periodically supervised the site. We have produced all the necessary documents for the various permit applications: construction, occupancy and liquor licenses.

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